The Calvert Centre gives you something no where else can...

The Calvert Centre originated in 1973 as a chicken farm. It was then converted to pigs before settling on creating a beautiful tranquil small industrial park in 1990. Since then the site developed  further in 2 stages to offer the 24 units we have now.  Some of our tenants want to stay here for life, while others find the Calvert Center a perfect launch pad.

We have 9 acres of pasture land where sheep graze through the summer months.

Behind us are the peaceful beech trees of Rownest Wood, filled with wildlife all year round and bluebells in the spring!

But what makes the Calvert Centre really special is the sense of family and community, as well as the beautiful surroundings.  Yes, we have full 24 hour CCTV coverage, bespoke fiber-optic broadband (not usually available for rural areas),  full range of services including gas that you wouldn't usually get else where, and immaculately kept grounds. But it is the community feel, with an annual Christmas party, so you are never working alone, however compact and bijou your business is.