Smaller Units

We have 13 smaller units are between around 800 and 827 square feet (75 to 77 square meters)

What do you get?

The units are rented out as an immaculate blank canvas, where tenants may install their own office accommodation to suit their individual requirements.  We have enjoyed tenants creating a range of internal environments from showroom to work room, office to reception areas.  Terms and conditions naturally apply, so give us a call on 01256 397271, and we can discuss your needs.

Each unit has its own gas supply, fluorescent strip lighting, low maintenance construction materials, fully load bearing painted concrete floors,  loading doors, 3 phase power, fully insulated steel roofs, and varying eaves heights. 

Units 12 A, B, C, and 13 A, B, C

These are approximately 800 Sq ft, 75 Sq m.

These photos show an average empty unit

For information about terms, rates, rent and legal costs, call us on 01256 397271, 07713 266799 or drop us an email 

Units 5 to 11 are 827 Sq Ft, 77 Sq m.

These photos show an average empty unit of this size.